George T. Hummert, Ph.D., P.E.


George T. Hummert, Ph.D., P.E. George T. Hummert, Ph.D., P.E.Engineer: Electrical

Electrical Failure Analysis
Electrical Accident Evaluation
Technical Investigations
Products Liability


1969 Ph.D., Electrical Engineering
Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1964 MSEE, Electrical Engineering
Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1960 BSEE, Electrical Engineering
Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


2005 to Present

(DBA) Engineering Solutions – Engineering consultant with Summit Engineering, SubAir Systems and Club Car, Inc., and Roper Industries.

2003 to 2005

SubAir Systems, Graniteville , South Carolina . Engineering and Project Management: responsible for design and improvement of products used for extracting air and water from beneath golf greens or turf regions. Patent issued on new technique for separating water from stream of air-water mixture. Establish manufacturing Quality Assurance procedures.

January 2002 to Present

Summit Engineering, L.L.P., Columbia , South Carolina . Consulting Engineer performing specialized consulting in the areas of: Electrical Failure Analysis, Electrical Accident Evaluation, Products Liability: analysis and evaluation of electrical components and systems, electrical designs, standards and code compliance, and maintenance.

January 1999 to November 2001

Club Car, Inc (Division of Ingersoll Rand), Augusta, Georgia . Director, Product Development – Golf Division. Responsible for mechanical/electrical design of golf and utility vehicles. Initiated Ingersoll-Rand Corporate level team to explore advanced vehicle development for government applications. Authored three patent disclosures.

July 1998 to December 1998

University of South Carolina , Columbia , South Carolina . Adjunct Professor, Electrical Engineering. Taught Electromagnetics; Served as principle investigator on high-current switching contract for U. S. Navy  

February 1993 to June 1998

R. E. Phelon Co., Aiken , South Carolina . Director, Product Engineering and Research. Responsible for Engineering, Research, Marketing and Sales Support. Successfully introduced new innovative products: speed governing, minimodules, enhanced air flow flywheels, rare earth magnets, microprocessor controls, and timing advance. Maintained customer product support and devised test systems to assist customers. Modernized test facilities and introduced modern computer test systems in production. Established research program to study aerodynamics of flywheel performance.

November 1991 to January 1993

Engineering Design & Analysis, Milwaukee , Wisconsin . Owner consulting engineering company specializing in electrical engineering design, analysis, and project management.

May 1989 to October 1991

The MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation, Milwaukee , Wisconsin . Director, Electromagnetic Applications. Managed all product application activities including Advanced Projects, Product Marketing, and Client Support. Directed all electromagnetic consulting projects.

October 1968 to April 1989

Westinghouse R&D Center , Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania . Section Manager, Electrotechnology (1980-1989). Directed facilities that included Electromagnetic Computation Center , Pulsed Power Lab, and Liquid Metal Test Facility. Established Westinghouse Electric and Magnetic Analysis Program (WEMAP) to provide computer aided engineering tool. Evaluated European robotic and electric machine technologies. Managed Rail-Gun and Space Power “Star Wars” projects. Directed molten metal developments for continuous-caster stirrers. Developed software architecture for factory automation study; actively participated on Artificial Intelligence Task Force and on Robotic Steering Committee. Analyzed, designed and tested high-current machines & electromagnetic pumps. Developed elevator control and simulation hardware/software (logic circuits). Designed and developed 200 KV insulation test facility (power circuits). Developed corona instrumentation for high voltage testing (instrument circuits).

August 1961 to August 1963, July 1964 to February 1966

Hercules, Inc., Cumberland , Maryland . Instrument Engineer. Responsible for development for rocket test instrumentation for static test firings at the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory in Cumberland , Maryland.

June 1960 to June 1961

McDonnell Douglas Corp. Electrical Engineer. Responsible for developing digital simulation routines in the Guidance and Control Group.


Professional Organizations and Honorary Societies



Photoionization Measurements in Air, Oxygen, and Nitrogen, with G.. W. Penney, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 41, No. 2. 572-577, February 1970.

Reflection of Photoionizing Radiation, with G. W. Penney, Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 42, No. 6, May 1971.

Dielectric Breakdown of Insulation Materials on the Front of Cycle and a Small Number of Cycles of 60 HZ Voltage, with T. W. Dakin, and S. A. Studniarz, 1972 Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, Buck Hill Falls, PA, October 23-25, 1972.

Liquid Metal Current Collectors for homopolar Machines, with J. L. Johnson and A. R. Keeton, IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems, Volume PAS-95, no. 4, July/August 1976.

Hybrid Computer Solutions of Laplace’s Equation, Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Pittsburgh Conference on Modeling and Simulation, April 21-22, 1977 .

Real-Time Simulation of Elevators,” with T. D. Moser and B. A. Powell, Winter Simulation Conference, Miami , December 1978.

Controlled Conductance Current Switching in Low Voltage, High Current DC Machines, with R. M. Garrett, International Conference on Electrical Machines, Athens , Greece , September 1980.

Current Distribution in Insulated Fiber Contacts, International Current Collection Conference, Annapolis , Maryland , October 18-20, 1983.

Inhomogeneous Nuemann Boundary Excitations for Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis, with J. R. Brauer, B. E. MacNeal, V. D. Overbye, Electrosoft Conference, August 1990.

Finite Element Modeling of a Transformer Feeding a Rectified Load: The Coupled Power Electronics and Nonlinear Magnetic Field Problem, with R. H. Vander Heiden, A. A. Arkadan, and J. R. Brauer, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, November 1991.


Twenty-One Patent Disclosures, Fourteen Patents Awarded:

7,778,746 Controls and Diagnostic System and Method for Vehicles

7,033,108 Turf Playing Surface Aeration and Drainage System

7,012,394 Battery-powered air handling system for subsurface aeration

6,885,535 Non-Linear Snubber Circuit

5,755,199 Discharge ignition apparatus for internal combustion engine having built-in overspeed disable capability

4,859,940 Apparatus for detecting onset of slag entrainment in a molten metal stream

4,376,615 Electromagnetic pump

4,370,717 Elevator bank simulation system

4,337,407 Insulated strand brushes

4,283,651 Switching circuit for high current brushes in a dynamoelectric machine

4,084,661 Elevator system

4,082,164 Elevator system

3,973,648 Monitoring system for elevator installation

3,727,129 Logarithmic-Response Corona Detector

Patents Pending:

Club Car: Control and Diagnostic System for Vehicles – Filed December 2003


Registered Professional Engineer in Wisconsin (#28334-006)

Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania (#PE-018182-E)

Registered Professional Engineer in South Carolina (#21829)

Courses Authored

May, 2008 “DC Circuit Switching Transients”,

Continuing Education

1991 Dale Carnegie Management Training

1999 Stage-Gate Project Management Certification by Arthur Andersen, Inc.

March 2003 Bussmann Electrical Safety/Arc Flash Seminar

June 2003 “Fire Explosion – Small Group Seminar”, John DeHaan, Ph.D

May 2004 “2002 NEC Changes”, Mike Holt Enterprises

December 2007 “2008 NEC Changes”, Mike Holt Engerprises

June 2008 “Electric Distribution Overvoltage Protection”,

(Rev. 9/13/10)


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